Take a puff puff (hard) pass and skip this place

Disclaimer: This is not a rant. This is a friendly warning so you don’t make the same mistake I did. And, the post contains no food pics (for a reason). 

Whenever I’m going to a place I’ve never been to before, I try to leave all my prejudice and expectations at the door. Three skinheads sitting in the front and chugging their beers or a couple of girly girls in their mean girl outfits taking selfies with their avo toasts? I couldn’t care less. I’m here for the food and who am I to judge anyway. I’ve never met a Michelin inspector, maybe he’s bold, with a tattoo on his head or dressed up in rags.

When we got to this place for a Friday lunch, I came here just with my love for anything Asian-inspired, however non-authentic. Although Asia Gold has been open for years, they’ve moved from the 1st floor of the Green Gold center to the -1 level and it was their first day there. The place is quite big and was fairly busy when we arrived around noon. The waiter was with us in a second taking our orders, quickly followed by the polite lady bringing us the wine and a pitcher of water we ordered as well. So far, so good.

Not so young and yet so naive.

Now, expectations are way too easily crushed. One poof and they’re gone. Two hundred poofs later, our wine glasses almost empty and our appetizer still nowhere in sight. With our stomachs now growling loudly we sneaked a few glances at the tables around us. Wine glasses and drinks everywhere, but not many plates of food. It’s lunchtime, I tried to convince my fellow non-foodie friends. I’m sure our sushi plates will be here in a second. They weren’t.

Mind you, we ordered off their lunch menu. So, it’s not like they were making those maki rolls in front of us. Hell, even that would’ve taken less. After exactly 25 minutes from taking our order, our poorly assembled sushi arrived.

Just to make one thing very clear, I don’t mind waiting for my food. At all. In one of my favorite places in town, Mundoaka, you usually wait for about half an hour for your food, sometimes even more. They even have that written down on their menu. And that’s fine. More than fine, even. I like my food prepared right then and there and not just reheated on the grill. The only good thing about the sushi was that it arrived at our table at last. Unlike our water glasses.

If we wanted to drink water, I guess we were just supposed to be passing the pitcher around the table like a joint. Puff, puff, pass.

Another 25 minutes passed before our main course was finally served. Well, to the two out of four of us. Another 10 minutes passed before the remaining two dishes were placed in front of us. This is not, I repeat NOT how you serve a table of four. At this point, I was so pissed off (pardon my French) that I didn’t even feel like complaining.

At this point I just wanted to pay the check, get out and never come back.

This is a food blog and I write about food. I write about what I’ve eaten, how it was prepared, what it tasted like. I write about the ingredients and what else is there on the menu that I’d like to try and that looked good so you know what you can expect when you visit the place.

I’m not writing one more word about the food here. They need to sort their shit out in the kitchen before I do.

I’ve never been to Asia Gold before so I have no idea what was it when they were two stories up. I honestly couldn’t care less. I really am quite forgiving when a new place just opens up and allow absolutely everyone a few beginner’s mistakes. I’ll never slam a restaurant because the waiter was a bit nervous and forgot to bring that extra napkin straight away. I would never be a bitch about it and hate people who treat the staff poorly. But, this is not a new restaurant. The staff is trained, or at least should be and service this bad is more than offensive.

All in all, the staff did not even apologize for the food taking this long. The only half-assed excuse we kind of got was when, after my friend politely asked the waiter where our main course was (after 20min of waiting), and got “It’s our first day” as a response.

If you feel like eating, there’s a decent Chinese place down the street, go there.


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