Tacos & Burger Barr – THE new place in Zagreb

When a new place opens up on a Friday, you can be sure we’ll be there on Saturday for lunch. It was the same with Tacos & Burger Barr. We’ve arrived at Jurišićeva 2a just in time for a late lunch and the small, cozy furnished interior was packed. The polite staff managed to find a place for us at a shared table and we dug into our menus.

Although Zagreb was missing a place where you can get good tacos, this is more than just a taco place, way more. Even though the menu may not be that big, you can see straight away that it’s very well thought. 4 kinds of tacos (chicken, pork, baby beef, sea bass) and 3 types of burger as well as a burger special that changes weekly. But then you turn the menu around and there’s all sorts of goodness there: bbq short ribs, half a chicken, a salad with 3 types of quinoa, baby beef cheeks on toast… and of course homemade fries, bread, salsas, pickles and 2 dessert options.

We naturally went for the staple foods: tacos with the baby beef cheeks for me and the chipotle burger for Anton with homemade fries on the side. We sipped our beers while we waited for our food which was not long.

There was that feeling of instant happiness the second our food arrived because something that looks this good must taste good as well.

And it did. It tasted better than we’ve expected it to. Although a bit small in size, the tacos are amazing. Perfectly balanced tastes and the baby beef was cooked to absolute perfection. The only downside to it it’s so good that 3 aren’t possibly enough.


The Chipotle burger looked a bit messy when it arrived and Anton had some serious concerns that he won’t be able to eat it the way a burger should be eaten, without cutlery. But, the burger held together very well. A positive surprise that shows that whoever was assembling the burger, knew what he was doing. When it comes to taste, you cannot go wrong with a good meat patty with bacon on top inside a brioche bun, with lime aioli and chipotle mayo and ketchup. The 3 times baked fries and the spicy ketchup on top that give it just a bit of heat and go really well with the burger.

Tacos & Burger Barr is one of those places where you come for a beer and some savory comfort food, but your meal ends up so good that you order the dessert as well. Not because you’re particularly in the mood for something sweet but because what you just had was so good that you don’t ever want this delicious experience to end. So, the hazelnut tart with lime and crunchy chocolate nibs was the obvious choice. Although the tart was yummy, there’re only so many things that can compare to what came before it.

The burger, the tacos, one serving of homemade fries, 2 small craft beers and the hazelnut tart cost us 190 kuna (25 eur). It may seem overpriced when compared to some fast food places you can find in the city center, but although they’re serving really good food really fast, this is not a fast food place. Well, come to think of it, the food cost us pretty much the same at Kako da ne? for example and the quality of food and service is not comparable at all.

With an interesting menu, delicious and quality food and great service, Tacos & Burger Barr sets up a high standard for both old and new places in Zagreb serving somewhat upgraded street food. It was all what we’ve expected and more. And be sure we’ll keep coming back.

Don’t believe us? Go and try for yourself! 😉

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