Submarine BBQ – Best burgers in Zagreb

When the Burger craze started in Zagreb a few years ago, Submarine BBQ (previously known as Yellow Submarine) was one of the first burger joints to open up and what diferrentied them from the rest is the claim that all the ingredients they use are 100% organic. They started off in a small joint in the Zagreb’s city center, at Frankopanska street, just a super short walk from the main town square. The place is small and very cozy and always packed so if you want to avoid standing in line, make reservations ahead. If you like to see how your food is being prepared, take a seat inside or if you prefer to feel the city vibe, choose one of the tabels on the small terrace in front of the place. Recently Submarine BBQ opened it’s second and much more spacious location in Radnička street, very close to the main bus terminal so if you’re leaving Zagreb by bus or have just arrived, this is a place to go.

Submarine sliders


The menu is pretty wide and currently offers 8 different types of burgers + 3 special ones and each of them can be served in a regular bun, a multigrain one, a brioche or can be wrapped in salad leaves for a gluten-free/low carb option. Also, if you’re feeling super hungry, you can order each of the burgers with two patties.

If you’re like me and cannot make a decision because everything looks so yummy, I strongly recommend the sliders – 3 mini burgers that serve as a great tasting menu. To sum it up, whichever burger you choose – you won’t go wrong. If it’s against your believes that anything served in a salad wrap can be considered a burger but you’d still like a low-carb option, you can choose a salad (with or without meat) or some of their BBQ specials like pulled pork or spare ribs (that you can also both order as burgers – YUM!)

Whatever you choose, definitely order the fries with it! You can go with the original/regular ones but I strongly recommend you choose some of the other options that include caramelized onions and cheese, truffles and spicy sausages.

The place offers a fair selection of beers, from which I definitely recommend Zmajsko and San Servolo, both from small Croatian breweries. For a healthier option, there are also fresh pressed juices.

100% organic
100% tasty
100% guarantee they have the best fries in town

Ana’s favorite go-to order: Sliders + Beast Style Fries + San Servolo

Anton’s favorite go-to order: Italian and another one + Salchipapas Fries + San Servolo


  • Location
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Price
The Good
The Bad


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