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I never understood the hype about this place. Shortly after its opening, it became one of the places where you just have to go. I personally don’t have to go anywhere. And, that reason alone is why it took me a while to come here. Years, to be a bit more precise. And now I can’t wait to go back.

Coming in, I’ve done the cardinal sin one can do before coming to a restaurant. I’ve read the reviews on their Facebook page. Slow service, sloppy staff, solid food, but not worth the price etc. It’s all based on personal experience of the guests and we both know they vary from one person to another. Surely, there was some praise there, too but who focuses on those anyway, right? So, yeah, I pretty much came to Mundoaka without any expectations at all.

First of all, we came in without a reservation. On a Friday evening. How silly can one be, really? By some dumb luck, a table on the terrace was available for the next hour and a half and we sat down and ordered our beers. The terrace was packed, and as we’ve heard, the few tables inside were also full. Guess the hype is still on.


Anyways, we were starving and decided to go with their recommended classics – chicken and ribs. And no, the chicken was not for me. Ha! There’s a note on the menu that it can take up to 40 minutes from the order until you’re dish get served. Based on the reviews I’ve read, there were complaints that sometimes it takes a lot longer than that. Coming in and having only 1 and a half hours I was kind of afraid of that. But, the food arrived in about 20 minutes and in the end we’ve had more than half an hour to spare.

Mundo glaze pork ribs are one of the most popular dishes on their menu, and now I know why. The meat was tender and done just right and the glaze is somewhat sweet, because of the soy sauce glaze. I usually like my ribs hot and spicy, but paired with a colesaw and creamy potatoes the sweet-ish ribs were a perfect match. Although they don’t come up first when it comes to BBQ ribs in Zagreb for me, they are a strong second. Definitely a recommendation.

The Mundo glaze pork ribs were cooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection.

I wanted to try the chicken as well, but since Anton ate the whole thing before I even finished one of the two ribs on my plate, I only managed to get a bite. But, the fact that he’s not a huge fan of chicken and he almost licked the plate speaks for itself. What I really like in Mundoaka, that no matter how many dishes you order, they all come served together on a board. It’s much easier to order a couple of dishes and try them all out. Sharing is caring!

Mundoaka changes a part of its menu seasonaly, while the classics like the ribs and half chicken are available throughtout the year. So, next time we’re definitely trying out something from their seasonal offer and perhaps something for dessert, too. Mundoaka also serves breakfast, so yeah, maybe we’ll have to come back here more than once or twice. They also offer a fair selection of wines and only couple, but carefully selected beers. There could be more, of course but their main focus is food of course, and they do have a pretty big menu. The prices are fine considering the service and the food, ranging from 10 to 13 euros for the main course.

The only thing that kind of bugs me is that Mundoaka always emphasizes that it serves “street food”. If it requires sitting down and eating with utensils, it’s not really street food. Also, if the prices on average are not lower than in most restaurants around town. If it requires up to 40 minutes for the dish to arrive to your table, it cannot be defined as street food. If you’re looking for a real street food place, maybe you should skip Mundoaka. But, the food is good and if you have enough time to sit down and eat, Mundoaka is a must.

All in all, we’re definitely coming back here. I just can’t stop thinking about those pork ribs…

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