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I love discovering new places to eat. Especially if those places haven’t been promoted by all the lifestyle magazines and so-called celebrities yet. So, when I stumbled upon Mr. Moo on Instagram, I was thrilled. Convincing Anton to go grab a burger took me roughly 3 seconds and we were there the next day.

If you’re not looking for Mr.Moo, you probably won’t find it. To get here, you need to pass a hundred different restaurants, eateries, shops and cafés down one of the most popular streets in Zagreb – Tkalčićeva street. Mr.Moo is at the very end of the street. A super small burger joint with only 2 tables and a couple of bar stools in front is definitely more a place where you’d just grab your burger to-go.

The place offers 8 types of burgers including a tofu burger and a fish burger, if you’re not in the mood for meat and a couple of different salads. Also, there are 5 types of sandwiches from which the Philly cheesesteak definitely looks like the best option, especially if you’re really hungry!

We skipped the sandwiches and ordered the Jalapeno Jack and a Crispy Bacon burger. They were out of onion rings so we went for The House Special fries. A good thing that I really love about this and similar places is that you can choose the condiments yourself and make the burger more to your liking. Or, just tell them to put everything. Crispy fried onions? Yes, please!

IMG_20160809_192748 (1)

The burgers are quite good considering the price. Mr.Moo doesn’t have best burgers in town, but they are nowhere close to the worst ones! The bun is tender but not too soft, the meat seems good and the rest, well, that’s up to you. That this place is mainly for just grabing a quick bite is quite obvious from their drinks offer, if one can be called that. One type of beer, one type of a soft drink and water. And that’s it. They definitely don’t want you sticking here for too long.

Grab a burger here and sit down in one of the bars nearby for a beer or two.

And when I say that you grab just the burger here, I mean it. Okay, maybe places like Submarine BBQ have spoiled me a bit when it comes to fries but if you’re naming something “The house special” please do make it special, but in a good way. Putting two spoonfuls of kajmak (a not-so-creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream) on top of just a regular order of fries is not “a house special”. It’s just… I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. If kajmak was perhaps combined with sour cream or a sauce of some kind, maybe this could work. But the thick consistency of kajmak on top of fries… it doesn’t even seem like a sauce! It’s not runny at all! It just doesn’t make sense. If you can’t eat a burger without fries, just take the regular ones.

If you’re in the city center and up for a solid burger but don’t have an hour to sit down and eat and don’t want to spend too much money, stop by Mr.Moo. If you’re want the whole dining experience, care for utensils and love more than mayo and ketchup on your fries, go someplace else.

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