Kelly’s Grill & Bar – The Soggy Bottom Blues

There’s one thing we simply cannot resist. Even when temperatures drop way below zero, we’re ready to put 17 layers on and go try that new burger place in town. Because a good and well-cooked patty in a bun is all you need to keep your heart and your belly warm.

We’ve discovered Kelly’s Grill & Bar where we discover most of the places we visit – Facebook. A very good looking burger kept popping up on our feed for days and we knew what we had to do. So, midday Saturday, half-frozen and starving we strolled through the city center until we’ve reached our destination – Petrinjska 55. You won’t notice Kelly’s until you come really close to it and that’s a good thing. The place can stay our little secret.

Super-minimalistic interior, big tables and a large chalkboard above the counter with the menu. Kelly’s isn’t one of those places that offers a thousand dishes. 3 types of burgers, 2 types of sandwiches (chicken and tuna steak), 3 different salad options, fries… and oatmeal! And oatmeal with whey! And protein shakes!

Yes, yes, a lot of exclamation points, I know. But, this is the only place in Zagreb’s city center that serves protein shakes and oats with whey. Please, do correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Anyways, if you’re into clean eating (as we’re obviously not), this could become your next go-to place. Both Anton and I went all in, though. The Kelly’s Grill Hamburger menus and 2 Cokes. You only live once.

The service was really fast and our waiter really polite. We did have to wait quite a bit for our food to arrive, bu we always see that as a good thing. It seems that they really do make the thing almost from scratch. We really don’t mind waiting if the food’s good.

The burger is medium-sized, I’d say. Not too big, but enough to keep you full for a while. Or in my case, until tomorrow. The patty is well seasoned and cooked well. The sauce is good, the bacon is crispy, even the grilled paprika gave it a little bit of sweetness which, surprisingly, worked. But there’s one thing I cannot get out of my head. And not in a good way…

Yeah yeah, I know. The correct way to eat the burger is upside down. But, if the bottom is dissolving in the sauce, it’s not good. I love a thin, crispy bun and a juicy burger but those to things do not go hand in hand 99% of the time.

As much as I really loved the taste of my burger (and hated the thing it was dripping everywhere), there was something even better – the potato wedges that come with the burger. They’re cooked in a hot air fryer and are soft and delicious inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. Heaven. The fries don’t come with a dip (even in the menu), which is a shame, but you can order it on the side, of course.

Since the place is pretty new, I hope the soggy bottom is just a beginner’s mistake. The taste is awesome and the bun is good, just make the bottom part a little bit thicker and you’re set. With relatively low prices in comparison to some hyped up burger places in Zagreb, Kelly’s could pretty soon become one of the favorite go-to places. We’ve paid 108 kuna (14,5 euros) for 2 Kelly’s hamburger menus and 2 cokes.

Kelly’s is a burger joint you can frequent even if you’re working on your beach body.

Let your better half order the burger menu, you stick to the salad and a protein shake. And steal a couple of fries from him. It’s sooo worth it, trust me!

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